Association for Bird Protection of The Hague has already been active for 95 years.

The Association for Bird Protection of The Hague (“De Haagse Vogelbescherming”, HVB) aims to protect (wild) birds and their habitats in and around The Hague. The Association was founded in 1925 and mainly works with volunteers.

In the beginning of the existence of the HVB only a few were interested in birdwatching and in urban nature. Nowadays the HVB has approximately 1000 members including more than 100 enthusiastic bird counters who make their inventories of birds according to scientific methods in almost all urban and rural areas of The Hague and its surroundings. Already in the beginning of the 20th century The Hague was famous for its abundance and variety of birds.

In the densely overgrown old dunes, the large urban parks and in the gardens of the old estates, these green spots acting as a green oasis in The Hague, abundant and varied bird populations can be found, sometimes even rare species can be seen.

The city of The Hague is also near one of Europe’s most important migration routes along the coast, so you may have a fair chance of spotting migrating or wandering birds. The HVB protects, where ever possible, all these wild birds and their habitats.

Several members of the HVB followed our free bird watcher course. They have learned to make bird inventories in all kinds of ‘green’ areas or they work as keeper/supervisor in one of the protected bird sanctuaries which are not open to the public.

With their contribution they help to register the presence of breeding birds in The Hague and their ever changing occurrence. Counting birds means getting up early because most birds start singing before or around sunrise. Every year our birdwatchers count birds in the very same area in order to monitor the development and changes in the populations of the (breeding) birds.

With this locally obtained information the HVB can advise the local government, authorities and landowners to take timely measures in order to help and improve the circumstances in the natural habitats. Bird watchers report every disruption to the HVB Committee for Environmental Advice; so measures can be taken without conflict of law.

The wild bird rescue “ De Wulp” (the Curlew) is for most residents of The Hague the best-known activity of the HVB. Volunteers take care of injured, disabled, orphaned or diseased birds seven days a week. The volunteers take care of wild birds with problems caused to them by direct or indirect human intervention. Think of traffic accidents, cats and dogs, fishing wire and hooks left behind, window panes, poison, disease or maltreatment.

On a yearly basis more than 10.000 birds are rescued by two professional animal keepers and 60 voluntiers. All sorts of birds are treated; from the smallest Eurasian wren to the impressive mute swan. Since the wild bird rescue is located close to the North Sea Coast we receive dozens of crude oil victims every year. The wild bird rescue also takes care (on a temporarily basis) of other injured wild animals like hedgehogs, bats and squirrels.

The wild bird rescue is open to the public on the first Sunday in January, April, July and October from 01.00pm till 04.00pm. Then there are guided tours during which everything about the wild bird rescue and the birds present is explained. You are more than welcome!

Our members receive the three-monthly full color magazine “De Wulp”. By means of this magazine we inform our members on bird related news and topics, special observations, excursions, lectures, etc.

Are you interested in nature , especially in the birds in and around The Hague?

Do you like to help us taking care of injured birds in the wild bird rescue?

Please contact us at the HVB: or the wild bird rescue ” De Wulp” (contact – Vogelopvang De Wulp) located in the park “Meer en Bos”, Helioptrooplaan 15, 2555 MA Den Haag, phone 070 323 15 68.